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Community Vision

The rising and setting of the sun, the ebb and flow of tides, and the renewal of seasons. We envision that equilibrium in Burrard Commons, and in the lifestyle of each of residents. A world where the intricate harmony of nature is echoed by the rhythm of the people that live within it.

A vibrant community where urban habitats are balanced by the natural world, where modern transportation is reflected by wildlife corridors, a community that not only balances the needs of nature with the desires of its residents, but creates a community where those residents can live, work and play in harmony with the world around them.

A New Community

In January 2015, Gilic Developments – a locally based and operated firm, began consultations with residents to define a new community in Anmore. The consultations have resulted in a community vision that addresses the needs and opportunities of the residents, and ensures that the long-term growth of the community is sustainable and complete.

In its proposed location, the new community has been intentionally set outside of what is considered the Anmore village centre. The location was carefully selected to minimize the impact on existing residents and their lifestyle and protect the village’s semi-rural atmosphere, while also ensuring that existing residents benefit from the housing diversity, amenities, services, employment opportunities, and lifestyle conveniences of this community.

We Want To Hear From You!

Anmore residents, we’re excited to hold open houses, we want to hear from you! What do you dream your community should look like? What does a typical day in the life of Anmore look like for you? Your ideas will help to shape the future of Burrard Commons.

We are early in the planning process, and we are reaching out to the broad community to invite participation in the planning process. Understanding community priorities – ranging from ecological to recreational values – is important to us, and the public will be engaged throughout an open process to ensure that input is meaningfully reflected in this new community.

This planning process includes a number of community consultation activities, allowing stakeholders to provide valuable input on the future of the site. The major consultation events are listed below. Please check back for updates and additional information.

Open House #1 – Completed

May 13 | 7 – 9 PM

Location: Anmore Village Hall

Held in the Anmore Village Hall on May 13, 2019, we received valuable feedback and insight from all those who attended. If you were not able to attend, you can download an overview of the event below.

Download Open House # 1 Overview


June 25 | 6 – 9 PM

Location: Anmore Village Hall

Join us for a drop-in style Open House where we will be presenting a draft Master Plan for the site. We want to hear your input on what we have developed. Your input will help to further refine the draft Community Plan.

Download Open House # 2 Overview


We will also be hosting a series of focus groups with community members to help identify community aspirations and vision for the future of the site. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of these sessions with you.

Community Engagement


Over the past three years, we have engaged residents, local governments, and community stakeholders in the early stages of planning this proposed community. From 2015 to 2016 four co-design workshops were held to envision what they would like to see created, as well as define the core design principles that this community would follow.


While expressing a common desire for a livelier sense of community, housing diversity was called for in every consultation, including the consideration for more housing options for younger families to create a more complete range of housing solutions. Accommodating this desire, the first guiding principle of Burrard commons is to accommodate a generational housing philosophy where everyone, at every stage of life can thrive.


An overarching and common theme is all the consultations was a desire for a more vibrant and interactive community with embedded opportunities to interact with friends and neighbours in recreational and social contexts. As a holistic community, Burrard Commons will create amenities that bring the community together in spaces designed for shared interaction.


Along with the request to create safe walking trails, cycling paths, and hiking trails, the desire to develop a smart regional transportation strategy that will increase transit options was a common theme in the community consultations. Burrard Commons is committed to developing more transit options for current and future residents, and is actively working with local, regional, and provincial stakeholders to create a comprehensive transit strategy.


Along with new housing options, this proposed new community will also include common conveniences to support new and existing residents. Moving away from a ‘bedroom community’ model, Burrard Commons will provide access to a more convenient lifestyle that may include coffee shops, medical clinics, fresh food, baked goods, a craft brewery and restaurants. Along with conveniences, the consultations also showed a desire to incorporate elements such as live-work spaces for small businesses, and the creation of employment opportunities for the local community.


In all consultations to date, the independence of Anmore and its distinct way of life was a recurring theme. This aspect of the community has been carefully considered in Burrard Commons’ design and infrastructure strategy to ensure existing residents are impacted only the conveniences that the village center offers, and that the financial benefits of an increased tax base benefits the entire region.

Planning Team

To develop a new community in a setting that will preserve the spirit of Anmore, a planning team for Burrard Commons was assembled that understood the region, revered the significance of the land, and appreciated the community’s needs and wants, now and in the future. Along with these foundational requirements, both the experience and desire to create a community that would mitigate its environmental impact and maximize its social and economic benefits were essential.






Stay in Touch & Feedback

To receive the latest news and updates on this proposed new community, or to give us your feedback, please complete the information below.

Stay in Touch & Feedback

To receive the latest news and updates on this proposed new community, or to give us your feedback, please complete the information below.

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